2022 Fraud Trends & Technology

A Year in Review: What’s on the Horizon for 2023?

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With the continuing rise in digital banking and increased demand for consumer convenience, 2022 has seen significant challenges as fraudsters capitalized on opportunities to exploit the financial system, with continuing trends expected in 2023.

Download the slide deck to learn about:

  • Review insights into emerging fraud trends from the Verafin Cloud
  • Explore evolving fraud schemes targeting payments channels such as wire and ACH
  • Examine how counterparty data can reduce false positives and enable collaborative, consortium investigations to provide actionable intelligence to law enforcement
  • Discuss how technology solutions using consortium analytics and artificial intelligence can help fight financial crime

Tagged as...

  •   ACH Fraud
  •   Business Email Compromise
  •   Check Fraud
  •   Deposit Fraud
  •   Elder Financial Abuse
  •   Fraud Management
  •   Payments Fraud
  •   Wire Fraud

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