2022 AML Trends & Technology

A Year in Review: What’s on the Horizon for 2023

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As money laundering grows in scale and complexity, financial institutions need efficient technology solutions in place for effective BSA/AML programs. 2022 has been a significant year in financial crime management, and 2023 may bring new challenges for AML investigators and opportunities for financial institutions. Explore key financial crime management challenges from 2022, trends to consider for 2023 and the role of technology in detecting and preventing financial crime and how it can help your institution prepare to combat money laundering and financial crime more efficiently and effectively in the year ahead.

Download the slide deck for insights that:

  • Explore efficient and effective BSA/AML compliance processes, and the changing BSA/AML landscape
  • Learn how technology solutions including entity resolution and link analysis can save valuable time and resources for more efficient AML investigations
  • Examine how counterparty data can reduce false positives and enable consortium-based collaborative investigations to provide actionable intelligence to law enforcement
  • Explore how technology solutions using consortium-based analytics and artificial intelligence can help fight financial crime

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  •   BSA/AML Compliance
  •   Cloud Technology
  •   Money Laundering

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