Industry leading financial crime management, providing fraud detection and management, advanced anti-money laundering, and high-risk customer management in the Verafin Cloud.

What is FRAMLx?

FRAMLx is a cloud-based, consolidated approach to fraud detection, anti-money laundering and high-risk customer management. It analyzes the complete picture of a customer and their activity, alerting you quickly to potentially suspicious behavior.

Criminals perform illicit activity across multiple transaction channels and numerous financial institutions. Verafin uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for cross-institutional, multi-channel analysis to show you the truly unusual activity with a single alert, saving you time and providing you with the information you need to decide how to proceed.



Our intelligent risk categorization approach identifies, categorizes, stratifies and actively monitors ongoing high-risk customer activity. This enables BSA/AML professionals to perform powerful and efficient ongoing due diligence that is in line with the true risk the customer poses to the institution.


Verafin’s advanced analysis, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, gives you the ability to quickly uncover illicit activity and complex money laundering scenarios.


Verafin analyzes customer activity across multiple transaction channels,  providing you with robust alerts that highlight a wide range of fraudulent scenarios and protect you against fraudsters targeting your institution and customers.


Verafin offers time-saving tools and technology to automate daily compliance processes and strengthen AML investigations.


Consolidate your efforts

Verafin offers a consolidated fraud detection, anti-money laundering and high-risk customer management solution, with advanced tools and technology to enhance detection, investigation and reporting of illicit activity. Our single-platform solution removes the traditionally siloed approach between BSA/AML and fraud departments, allowing institutions to work more efficiently, saving time and resources during BSA and fraud investigations.

See the complete customer picture

Criminals use whatever means available to remain undetected. Verafin’s cloud-based, cross-channel analysis builds a comprehensive view of a customer’s activity, presenting you with alerts and tools that help you see the complete picture. By applying cross-institutional analysis and machine learning technology to analyze a billion transactions every week, our approach reduces false positives and increases the quality and accuracy of your alerts, improving your overall detection capabilities.

Innovate to stay ahead of crime

Verafin helps financial institutions stay abreast of industry dilemmas and emerging fraud and money laundering patterns with a customer-driven development process. Through access to enormous amounts of anonymized cloud-based data, ongoing collection of user feedback, and advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Verafin develops highly-targeted analytical models that alert financial institutions to the latest criminal trends with extreme accuracy. Weekly software updates ensure institutions are always protected by the latest analytical advances.

Focus on truly suspicious activity

Rules and spreadsheets are outdated and inefficient. Verafin’s customer-centric analysis, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, studies each customer’s activity in the context of their normal behavior, alerting you only to the truly suspicious behavior. The result? Greater efficiency and an improved ability to stop financial crime.



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More Verafin Benefits

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