Privacy Policy

About this policy

This Privacy Policy describes how personal information is collected and used by Verafin and its subsidiaries. This Privacy Policy is reviewed at least annually and revised as needed based on current best practices, regulatory requirements and feedback from customers. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on Verafin’s website and available from the Privacy Officer.

All employees are required to comply with our privacy and security policies as a condition of employment. All employees are made familiar with this Privacy Policy and the proper handling of personal information, and Verafin conducts regular awareness training on information security and privacy matters.

What personal information we collect

Personal information is any information about or linked to an identifiable individual. The personal information collected by Verafin includes information such as an individual’s name, contact information, employment and professional information, records of interactions between the individual and Verafin, IP address, and information about the devices and systems an individual uses to access Verafin content and services.

How Verafin collects personal information

Verafin collects personal information through a variety of methods, including:

  • Direct contact with individuals (for example, through telephone or email conversations);
  • Information provided by individuals to Verafin or an affiliate (for example, webinar registrations, information submitted to access Verafin content, or prize ballots);
  • Information provided by our financial institution customers or prospective customers about their employees and users of Verafin services;
  • Information generated and received in the course of an individual’s use of Verafin websites or services, including information gathered through website cookies or other technical monitoring tools; and

Information received from trusted partners or third parties in accordance with applicable privacy and marketing laws.

How Verafin uses personal information

Verafin only uses personal information for purposes consistent with those for which the information was initially collected or received. This may include:

  • To establish and maintain business relationships;
  • Invoicing and communications regarding existing business relationships;
  • For sales and marketing purposes related to Verafin services and events;
  • To install, maintain, support, and improve Verafin’s services;
  • To ensure proper processing and functioning of Verafin services;

Personal information may be shared with our partners, affiliates, and those we have contracted to perform services on our behalf. Verafin takes all reasonable steps to ensure that any information disclosed enjoys a comparable level of protection and is not used for purposes other than those discussed above. Verafin does not sell personal information to third parties. Verafin stores personal information in Canada and the United States of America.

Accessing your personal information

Individuals may access any of their own personal information collected by Verafin by sending a request to our Privacy Officer, as described below. Verafin strives to ensure that all personal information collected is accurate, and individuals may request changes to any information that they find to be inaccurate or incomplete.

Applicable privacy laws may provide you with additional rights with respect to your personal information. Any such requests should be addressed to Verafin’s Privacy Officer.

Subscriber Data

Verafin provides anti-money laundering and fraud detection software for use by financial institutions. Data uploaded or generated by financial institutions in the course of their use of Verafin software and services (what we call “Subscriber Data”) is governed by contractual arrangements between Verafin and each financial institution. Verafin receives Subscriber Data as a data processor or service provider. Subscriber Data is owned by the respective financial institutions and is outside the scope of this Privacy Policy. Any questions or requests related to Subscriber Data should be directed to the responsible financial institution.

For California residents

The California Consumer Privacy Act provides certain specific rights for residents of California, including the right to request disclosure of categories and specific pieces of information collected about a consumer, disclosure of what information has been sold or disclosed to third parties, the right to request deletion of certain information collected, and the right to not be discriminated against for exercising these rights. Full details of the rights accorded under CCPA can be found at California Civil Code 1798.100. Requests relating to these rights can be addressed to Verafin’s Privacy Officer, as described below.

For purposes of CCPA 1798.130:

  • In the preceding 12 months, Verafin has collected the following categories of personal information about consumers:
    • Identifiers
    • Internet and other electronic network activity information
    • Professional or employment related information
  • Verafin has not disclosed consumers’ personal information for a business purpose in the preceding 12 months,
  • Verafin has not sold consumers’ personal information in the preceding 12 months.

Verafin’s Privacy Officer

Verafin has appointed a Privacy Officer responsible for ensuring compliance with this Privacy Policy and all applicable privacy laws. Any requests related to personal information or privacy rights can be addressed to:

Privacy Officer – Verafin Inc.
1.877.368.9986 (toll free)