Verafin announces 2016 FRAMLxpo Conferences with Guest Speakers Chris Swecker and Juan Llanos

October 3, 2016

St. John’s, Newfoundland – Starting October 4th, Verafin begins its 2016 FRAMLxpo, a series of four free regional fraud detection and anti-money laundering (AML) conferences for financial crime investigators, with stops in Texas, California, Connecticut, and Illinois.

Each stop includes sessions focused on a number of key trends important to investigators specializing in fraud detection and AML. Industry guest speakers include:

  • Chris Swecker, retired Assistant Director at the FBI. His session, entitled “The Cyber Crime Wave: What Banks Need to Know”, offers an overview of the cyber threat landscape and the types of cyber-crimes currently impacting financial institutions (FIs) and their customers.
  • Juan Llanos, an international thought leader and pioneer in the development of compliance and risk management best practices for the money transfer industry. His session, entitled “Bitcoin, Blockchains and Financial Crime”, presents expert insight into the growth of virtual currencies in the financial services industry and their impact on risk management and compliance programs.

“I’ve attended two Verafin conferences in the past and both were great experiences,” says Timothy Grooms, Chief Risk Officer at First State Bank in Ohio. “There was a lot of value in the sessions. Listening to speakers with so much industry experience helped me ‘get out of the weeds’, refocus, and remember just how important the work we do is to stopping crime and helping others. It’s a great chance to learn more about the types of activity others are seeing and understand how cutting-edge technology can help us stay ahead of the latest trends.”

In addition to presentations by guest speakers, each regional event includes sessions delivered by technology experts on a range of important topics facing financial institutions (FIs) today, including:

  • wire and ACH fraud detection;
  • online fraud and account takeover detection and loss prevention;
  • crime ring detection FRAMLx cross-institutional analysis; and
  • an expert panel discussing best practices for investigation and reporting to law enforcement.

“We received a lot of very positive feedback from attendees of our FRAMLx regional seminars in early 2016,” says Brendan Brothers, Verafin Co-Founder. “As part of our mission to fight financial crime, we want to continue to deliver valuable educational opportunities for financial crime investigators. These events give us the chance to come together, hear from industry experts, and share our experiences in a supportive learning environment. That sharing of knowledge helps us all improve – and apply what we learn to shut down criminals’ ability to perpetrate their crimes by exploiting the financial system.”

The four FRAMLxpo stops cover the following regions (and dates):

  • South – Grapevine, TX (October 4)
  • West – Palm Springs, CA (October 6)
  • East – Mashantucket, CT (October 18)
  • Central – Lincolnshire, IL (October 20)

Attendees receive five CAMS credits. Registration for any of the regional conference stops is available at

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