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Best Practices for Human Trafficking Investigations

Originally Presented: November 29, 2017

  Financial institutions and investigators can play a critical role the fight against Human Trafficking — to follow the money, uncover perpetrators, and protect potential victims of this terrible crime...

  Archived Webinar

ACAMS Webinar
AML: A New Approach to Fight Complex Money Laundering Schemes

Originally Presented: September 29, 2017

“…getting focus away from regulatory checklist would benefit the banks and lead us back to the purpose of the SAR — it should be to stop crime from continuing!” Zions...

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Real-time Deposit Fraud Detection

Verafin helps financial institutions combat the growing threat from fraudulent deposits with advanced machine learning agents and smart investigation tools to uncover first-party deposit fraud and third-party scams. This brochure...

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Human Trafficking: Detect, Investigate, Collaborate & Report

Verafin helps financial institutions fight crime, including one of the world’s most lucrative and detestable of criminal activities — Human Trafficking. This brochure outlines Verafin’s end-to-end approach to combat Human...

  Archived Webinar

2017 Crime Trends & Technology

Originally Presented: July 12, 2017

  Verafin industry experts: Brendan Brothers, Anti-Financial Crimes Specialist; and Mauriceo Castanheiro, Director of Fraud Analytics; discuss the challenges financial institutions faced to date in 2017, the trends to watch...



SARs > SARs Request a Demo Verafin brings increased efficiency and confidence to the regulatory reporting process by helping you automate the often tedious but necessary tasks associated with generating,...


Loan Fraud

Fraud Detection and Management > Loan Fraud Request a Demo There are numerous legitimate reasons why a loan may be charged off. So, how do you find instances where criminals...

  Case Study

Expanding the benefits of FRAML with FRAMLx collaboration

South State Bank • Headquarters: Columbia, SC • Assets: $16.6B “Now that we’re able to see the whole picture there’s no wasted information on there. What we’re giving to them...

  Case Study

Adopting an Intelligent Approach

Industrial Bank • Headquarters: Washington, DC Assets: $599M • Core Banking System: Fiserv Premier   “Rather than trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together on my own, Verafin...

  Case Study

Breaking Down Walls

BankNewport • Headquarters: Middletown, RI Assets: $2B • Core Banking System: Fiserv DNA   “We can now see the trends going through the accounts. Now we have a much better...