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Verafin’s All-in-One Anti-Financial Crime Platform for Crypto Companies

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Verafin’s all-in-one Anti-Financial Crime platform for crypto companies provides a full fiat-to-blockchain view of cryptocurrency activity, leveraging behavioral analytics to help you effectively identify crime, ensure regulatory compliance, and prevent loss. Our platform leverages multi-chain visual investigation tools, which streamline case investigations, enabling investigators to trace the flow of funds across both cryptocurrency and fiat networks.

In this concise Fact Sheet, learn how Verafin platform presents institutions with the full picture of crypto-related crime, along with the tools needed to expedite investigations, maintain compliance, and provide actionable intelligence to law enforcement. Discover how our approach combines on-chain and off-chain AML transaction monitoring, and provides holistic investigation tools and visualized storytelling, comprehensive sanctions screening, case management and STR/SAR automation, and more.

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  •   314(b) Information Sharing
  •   ACH Fraud
  •   Cryptocurrency
  •   FRAML
  •   Sanctions
  •   SARs
  •   Wire Fraud

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