Free Fraud Detection & AML Regional Seminars

Beneficial Ownership • CDD/EDD • Trade-Based Money Laundering • Cybercrime • FinCEN Advisories • Fraud Prevention • BSA/AML Hot Topics

Free Fraud Detection & AML Regional Seminars

Beneficial Ownership • CDD/EDD • Trade-Based Money Laundering • Cybercrime • FinCEN Advisories • Fraud Prevention • BSA/AML Hot Topics


Free Regional Seminars

Industry and product experts discuss trends in financial crime and banking technology, and provide in-depth training on detection and investigation strategies to help stop financial crime.

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Tour Locations

Events are from 8:30am to 3:00pm





Feb. 21

San Francisco, CA

Speakers TBA

Feb. 22

Los Angeles (North), CA

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Feb. 23

Los Angeles (South), CA

Speakers TBA

Mar. 14

Charlotte, NC

Speakers TBA

Mar. 15

Atlanta, GA

Speakers TBA

Mar. 16

Orlando, FL

Speakers TBA

Apr. 18

Dallas, TX

Speakers TBA

Apr. 19

Houston, TX

Speakers TBA

Apr. 20

San Antonio, TX

Speakers TBA

May 15

Washington, DC

Speakers TBA

May 16

New York, NY

Speakers TBA

May 17

Boston, MA

Speakers TBA


Agenda subject to change. Updated Nov. 20, 2016.



9:00am – 10:30am

BSA Hot Topics & Complex Money Laundering Scenarios

This session focuses on current and emerging issues for compliance professionals, including:

  • Discussion by legal and industry experts on requirements for Beneficial Ownership regulations;
  • Overview of technology to help manage complex, high-risk customer relationships with enhanced CDD/EDD processes;
  • Presentation of peer case studies on due diligence, compliance processes, and money laundering investigations;
  • Review of real-life cases involving complex money laundering scenarios – including Funnel Account and Trade-Based Money Laundering activity.

10:30am – 12:00pm

A Deep Dive into Cybercrime & Online Banking Fraud

This session focuses on the growing threat to financial institutions and customers from cybercriminals, including:

  • Discussion by industry experts on the current cyber threat landscape, including information about the types of cybercrime affecting financial institutions and their customers;
  • Review of regulatory guidance and red flags from recent FinCEN advisories on Email Compromise Fraud and Cybercrime;
  • Presentation of peer case studies on loss prevention, detection, and investigation strategies for online banking fraud and reporting of cyber-related events;
  • Overview of technology to detect and prevent online account takeover and unauthorized transfers from compromised accounts;
  • Discussion on how to strengthen your investigations and enhance required SARs for cyber-related activity with 314(b) information sharing, as recommended in FinCEN advisories.

1:00pm – 3:00pm

Technology Advancements for Complex Crime Detection

This session focuses on innovative technologies for detection, investigation, and reporting of financial crime, including:

  • Real-Time Fraud Prevention: How to proactively prevent losses, including Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and mobile fraud, with real-time deposit fraud analytics.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Complexities: How to use innovative visualization tools to improve your investigations into complex money laundering scenarios.
  • FRAMLx Cross-Institutional Analysis & 314(b) Information Sharing: How to identify entities of interest and share information to enhance your investigations.
  • CDD/EDD: How to meet compliance requirements and manage high-risk customers with customizable CDD questionnaires, CDD/EDD alerts, and workflow dashboards for your due diligence processes.
  • Enterprise reporting: How to prepare for upcoming exams or board presentations with enhanced reporting functionality.

Accreditation & CPE Credits

FRAMLx Tour seminars are eligible for up to 5 CPE credits.

Attendees to this free educational event will receive a certificate of attendance for their records, and may submit for up to 5 Continuing Professional Education credits towards accreditation programs, such as CFE and CFCS.



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