Special Fraud Webinar Series

Leveraging Technology for Fraud Prevention and Management

As fraudsters continue to evolve in sophistication, financial institutions continue to invest heavily in detection to try to prevent fraud and reduce losses.

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts — fraud can and will happen.

Managing fraud as it happens, and after losses occur, can be challenging for institutions. Often, it is the responsibility of siloed teams using separate systems and manual effort, to collect and analyze fraud case information. Do you have a complete picture of fraud at your institution? Join us on this Fraud Webinar Series as we discuss how Verafin applies various technologies to enhance fraud prevention, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and leveraging cloud data, and learn how our consolidated fraud management platform layers on top of prevention to give you a true picture of fraud, improve reporting, and strengthen compliance.

Interested in BSA/AML and High-Risk Customer Management?

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FRAML (Fraud + AML)

Verafin’s FRAML software solution provides cross-channel, risk-rated fraud and money laundering alerts that let you act quicker to protect your customers and reputation.


Fraud Detection & Prevention

Verafin’s Cloud platform and holistic behavior-based analytics give financial institutions (FIs) the ability to uncover fraudulent activity quickly.


Enterprise Fraud Management

Verafin’s enterprise fraud management solution gives your institution a centralized platform to proactively prevent fraud loss, minimize costs and strengthen BSA/AML compliance.