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Fraud Detection & Anti-Money Laundering

What is FRAML?

FRAML is a consolidated approach to fraud detection and anti-money laundering (AML) that helps reduce your costs while improving your efficiency. There is inherent overlap between fraudulent and money laundering activity — so why analyze and investigate it separately?


Benefits of FRAML approach

Reduce operational costs

 Reduce the costs associated with hardware, maintenance, software, support, training and administration.

Increase risk transparency

Get a holistic view of financial crime and compliance risk exposure across the organization.

Improve loss reduction

Reduce losses and improve recovery through better detection and discrimination of suspicious activity.

Increase overall effectiveness

Improve your workflow, through prioritization, standardization and automation of alerts.

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How can Verafin's behavior-based approach help you fight financial crime?

Behavior-based monitoring

Verafin's behavior-based approach helps financial institutions build a complete picture of of customer activity. Rather than creating a rule and only pointing out any transactions that break that rule — Verafin analyzes customer behavior and determines if the transaction is truly suspicious or if it’s normal for that particular customer.



Rules vs. Behavior

Verafin analyzes patterns and habits to develop a robust customer profile that helps you detect potential fraud and money laundering more quickly and efficiently than antiquated rules-based systems.


Cross-institutional analysis & 314(b) collaboration

What is FRAMLx?

FRAMLx is the next innovation in fraud and money laundering detection through collaboration and cross-institutional analysis.

Enabled by the Verafin Cloud, FRAMLx expands an institution’s limited view of customer behavior and activity using advanced cross-institutional detection and the power of 314(b) collaboration.


Benefits of FRAMLx

Share information to confirm or alleviate suspicions

Collaboration can help confirm current suspicions around customer activity and help you evaluate the information you currently have/know.

A holistic view of your customers

See a customer’s true behavior and put the pieces of the puzzle together to complete the picture of a customer’s activity.

Increased awareness

Learn if your customers are banking elsewhere. Does their customer profile align with the information you have on them? Detect connections between customers and see larger footprint of suspicious activity.

Create 314(b) collaboration efficiencies

Easily and quickly connect with another FI with one-click, in-application collaboration tool. Built-in audit trail of communication and information exchanged.

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What is FRAMLx?

Check out this two-minute animated video to find out how FRAMLx will help you fight financial crime.


Cross-Institutional Analysis

FRAMLx analysis detects patterns of activity across two or more financial institutions and helps identify potential suspicious activity, which might otherwise be missed by a single institution.

Analyze data from multiple financial institutions in the secure Verafin Cloud to detect suspicious transactions and activity.

Detect connections and anomalies in billions of transaction using advanced analytics.

Uncover suspicious activity that can go undetected by a single FI.

Get a holistic view of customer activity.

Detecting the undetectable.

Today’s sophisticated criminals are avoiding detection by taking advantage of the limited view of any single institution. Fraudsters and money launderers are breaking up their activity across many institutions, repeating patterns of illicit behavior and masking the source of their illicit funds.

FRAMLx helps financial institutions detect suspicious activity that spans multiple institutions, and stay a step ahead of evolving financial crime.


Risky Entities

The power of FRAMLx identifies Risky Entities within your organization. Wouldn’t you want to know if a criminal or fraudster is/was operating within your institutions prior to experiencing a loss? With Verafin’s Risky Entity analysis, criminals no longer have a place to hide.


314(b) Information Sharing

When suspicious activity is detected across institutions, FRAMLx alerts generate to trigger your investigation and facilitate collaboration and information sharing with safe harbor protection under Section 314(b) of the USA PATRIOT Act.

Connect with a larger network of peers to collaborate and strengthen your investigations.

Gain confidence in your decision making and reporting by getting the full picture of customer activity.

Improve your audit trail with a log of all your incoming and outgoing 314(b) requests and responses.


FRAMLx: Strength in Numbers

Can your transaction monitoring software keep pace with today’s criminals? This white paper looks at the evolution of transaction monitoring technology and the limitations created by modern financial crime.

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Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering is fundamental to the survival of these criminal organizations
and, in turn, the illicit activities they perpetrate — such as human trafficking and drug trafficking. These organized criminals are making increasingly complex attempts to avoid detection.BSA compliance departments have to be fast moving and utilize next generation technology to detect these criminals' increasingly complex schemes.

How Verafin can help improve your AML program:

Analyzes flow of funds of all transaction types

Automatic analysis of the flow of funds of all transaction types in and out of accounts: including ACH, wire, cash, ATM, check, and monetary instruments.

Generates risk-rated alerts

A risk-rated money laundering alert is generated customer activity goes outside their normal behavior range, allowing you to prioritize your review workload.

Summarizes evidence & statistics

Each alert includes related evidence, statistics and transactions to optimize your review and focus your investigation.

Creates & pre-populates SARs

Quickly create and electronically submit a pre-populated Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) in one click.

Beyond compliance

Anti-money laundering must be viewed as more than a compliance requirement by government regulations. It should be viewed as both a measure in self-preservation and, at a societal level, a responsibility. An effective AML program can help uncover the illicit activities funding drug trafficking, human trafficking and terrorism.


Money Laundering Detection

Money laundering involves disguising or concealing the proceeds of unlawful activity. While, anti-money laundering is about detecting and preventing this illegal and suspicious activity. Money launderers typically move their dirty money around in multiple ways to avoid detection; however, Verafin helps detect this activity.

Fraud Detection

Verafin incorporates a variety of fraud detection features.

Debit Card Fraud

Debit cards are not only popular with consumers — criminals are also developing new and often sophisticated ways to use the cards and their information to steal from your customers. Ensuring it is detected and stopped requires a progressive and sophisticated solution.

Online Banking Fraud

Online banking fraud continues to wreak havoc on banks and credit unions across the country. With recent cases of high dollar value losses, and reports of banks suing customers and customers suing banks, there is a clear need for a solution to address this growing problem.

Account Fraud

Criminals use any means necessary to steal from your customers. Verafin’s account fraud functionality analyzes your customers’ accounts, looking for signs of fraudulent activity. From suspicious behavior for new accounts to risky check transactions, Verafin alerts you to the out-of-the-ordinary.

Check Fraud

Even with the rise in online banking and debit card fraud, criminals are still using check fraud and kiting schemes to cause financial institutions extensive losses.

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More Verafin Features

Watch List Scanning

Federal law requires financial institutions to scan customers, vendors, and the entities within transactions against watch lists to identify entities that may be involved in possible money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

Regulatory Reporting (SARs & CTRs)

Verafin brings increased efficiency and confidence to the regulatory reporting process by automating the tedious but necessary tasks associated with initiating, completing and filing Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Activty Reports (SARs).

Risk Management

Verafin includes centralized vendor management and risk management tools including customizable reporting functionality, to help financial institutions that face increasing pressure from regulators and examiners.

Case Management

Verafin’s integrated case management component is a central storage location, like an electronic file folder, for all the information you gather about a suspicious activity. It includes a workflow to help you manage investigations and case-related activity.

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Peer Perspectives on Collaboration

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