April 3 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Visual Storytelling: See the Full Picture of Activity, Faster

How smarter tools help expedite your investigation & enrich reporting

Part of a Special Series on The New Future of Fighting Crime

As an investigator, you are tasked to determine if a customer’s activity is unusual, but have you ever wondered what you might be missing? With limited time and resources, spending time on false positive alerts, and navigating multiple systems can take time away from your investigation. As crime becomes more complex, the ambiguous results of first-generation systems can make it even more difficult to see the complete picture of activity.
Your time is valuable, and Verafin’s Visual Storytelling approach gives you all the information you need right at your fingertips. Visualization tools are incorporated directly into targeted alerts, so you can quickly assess risk-rated evidence, view check images, examine balance charts, and review geographic maps. Our interactive relationship graphs increase your visibility and provide greater context to customer activity to strengthen investigation and reporting.
Join us to learn how Verafin provides all the information you need to increase confidence in your decision making, expedite your investigations, and file richer, more detailed reports.
Highlights of this presentation will include Verafin’s Visual Storytelling tools, including:

  • Risk-rated evidence and info cards in each alert for detailed information on the indicators used in analysis, to help inform your decision making.
  • Smart evidence tools included in alerts to enhance your investigations, including visual maps, turnover graphs, and interactive timelines.
  • Interactive customer relationship graphs that show you related transactions, linked entities and connections between customers that otherwise might have been missed.
  • Workflow dashboards that provide a centralized location to access alerts, cases and reports, and more.

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