March 22 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Online Fraud: Solutions to Prevent Losses on Digital Channels

Multi-Channel Protection for Online Banking, Wire/ACH & Mobile Deposit Fraud

Online channels are a serious target for sophisticated criminals looking to commit unauthorized transfers and harvest data to perform numerous types of fraud.

With the rise in fraud from Online Account Takeover, Wire/ACH Transfers and Mobile Deposits – financial institutions need proactive monitoring across all channels to prevent losses and protect customers.

Join us for a deep dive into Verafin’s Enterprise Fraud Platform help your institution uncover online banking fraud, as well as meet compliance requirements for detection and reporting of suspicious and fraudulent activity.

This demonstration of Verafin’s Consolidated Enterprise Fraud Platform will include:

  • Fraud Management including false positive alert reduction, adaptive alerts, case management, enterprise reporting, and suspicious activity reporting.
  • Fraud Prevention for unauthorized activity, including analysis of data across your online and transaction channels, and real-time integrations to proactive loss prevention
  • Advanced Multi-Channel Detection Analytics including:
    • Online Account Takeover Detection, including out-of-pattern online activity or unauthorized access from high-risk or international IP addresses.
    • Unauthorized Wires & ACH Transfers from a compromised account, and how Verafin uses rich data analysis to evaluate payee confidence and reduce false positives.
    • Mobile Deposit Fraud Detection to uncover out-of-pattern deposit activity used to inflate balances and fund a variety of scams scenarios.

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