November 04 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Online Banking & Digital Fraud: A Consolidated, Cross-Channel Solution to Prevent Losses

Protect Wire, ACH, and Mobile Deposit Channels with Speed and Confidence

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Opportunistic criminals are taking advantage of the increasing number of customers migrating to digital banking channels — from compromising online accounts, performing unauthorized wire, ACH, or P2P transfers, to mobile deposit fraud. Financial institutions should consider how a consolidated approach can mitigate fraud on digital and online channels and proactively protect customers from loss.

Join us for an in-depth product demonstration as engaging experts demonstrate how Verafin’s Fraud Detection and Management solution combats fraud across digital channels, evolving alongside emerging trends, and providing rich insights and real-time monitoring. From our consolidated, cross-channel approach, to machine learning and big data intelligence in the Cloud, Verafin will help you shut down digital fraudsters with speed and confidence.

Highlights of this demonstration include:

  • Fraud Management including false positive alert reduction, adaptive alerts, Case Management, Enterprise Reporting, and Suspicious Activity Reporting.
  • Fraud Prevention for unauthorized activity, including analysis of data across your online and transaction channels, and real-time integrations for proactive loss prevention.
  • Advanced Multi-Channel Fraud Detection Analytics including:
    • Online Account Takeover Detection, exposing out-of-pattern online activity, unauthorized access from high-risk IP addresses, login failures, and geographic mapping.
    • Unauthorized Wire & ACH Transfer Detection, identifying transfers from compromised accounts and leveraging Verafin’s rich data analysis to evaluate payee confidence and reduce false positives.
    • Mobile Deposit Fraud Detection to uncover out-of-pattern deposit activity used to inflate balances and fund a variety of scam scenarios.
  • Robust and Rapidly Released Solutions to combat digital fraudsters exploiting the COVID-19 crisis.

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