January 24 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Online Account Takeover: Detecting Fraud in a Digital Age

Uncovering Compromised Accounts to Protect Customers & Reduce Losses

Online customer accounts are a serious target for sophisticated criminals looking to commit unauthorized transfers and harvest data to perform numerous types of fraud.
Online accounts, with their ability to be accessed from anywhere with a large degree of anonymity, are ideal targets for criminals. Once they have compromised an account or opened new account with stolen data, money can be moved very quickly – potentially leaving an institution on the hook for large losses.
Join us on January 24 for a deep dive into Verafin's multi-channel fraud platform that detects unusual online activity that can indicate account takeover, and learn how advanced fraud analytics can help protect your customers’ online accounts, and alert you in time to reduce the risk of loss.

Highlights of this product demonstration will include:

  • Overview of the growing threat of online account takeover including the rise of stolen data in compromised accounts, tactics used by cybercriminals to access online banking systems, and examples of fraud scams perpetrated online.
  • Overview of Verafin's Multi-Channel Fraud Platform including advanced analysis of multiple data sources such as online banking systems, deposit and withdrawal channels, and cloud data.
  • Demonstration of Online Account Takeover Detection, including digital fingerprint analysis, out-of-pattern online activity, unauthorized access from high-risk or international IP addresses, and new-to-online banking scenarios
  • Demonstration of Analytics to Detect Unauthorized Wires & ACH Transfers from a compromised account, and how Verafin uses rich data analysis to evaluate payee confidence, and reduce false positives.

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