March 28 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Managing Fraud with Adaptive Alerts

Solutions to mitigate losses, minimize costs, and ensure compliance

Fraudsters are continuing to target financial institutions and their customers with a variety of schemes to inflict losses, in particular across in-branch, ATM, and mobile deposit channels.

As financial institutions add additional layers of protection to detect and prevent these fraudulent deposits managing alert volumes, dispute tracking, and loss reporting becomes increasingly more difficult across different fraud and operational teams.

Join us on March 28 for a discussion on the benefits of Verafin’s Fraud Management functionality to reduce losses, get a complete picture of true fraud, and meet compliance requirements for filing SARs on fraudulent activity. Product experts will also demonstrate new Adaptive Fraud Alerts that analyze activity over time, reprioritizing the risks within your fraud alert queue.

Highlights of this demonstration will include:

  • Discussion on the challenges of Deposit Fraud including real-life examples of the scale of the problem across ATM, In-Branch and Mobile channels
  • Comparison of Fraud Management versus Fraud Prevention and how siloed processes and teams create inefficiencies, as fraud continues unabated.
  • Review of principles of Fraud Management including the activities that increase or decrease the likelihood of loss.
  • Overview of Fraud Management capabilities for Deposit fraud, Loan fraud, Wire fraud, Overdraft charge offs, Card fraud disputes and more.
  • Demonstration of Adaptive Fraud Alerts that continuous analyzes activity and reprioritizing alerts by automatically boosting risk when an item returns — or reducing the risk when they clear

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