April 05 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Detecting Fraud Schemes & Scams

Advanced Deposit Fraud Solution

Today’s savvy fraudsters use a variety of criminal tactics to target your institution, and your customer accounts. From organized crime rings that recruit homeless citizens to open accounts at multiple institutions and deposit counterfeit checks — to the proliferation of check fraud scammers that victimize your vulnerable customers through a variety of scams including lottery, work-from-home, and romance scams.

Join us on April 5, as product experts demonstrate how Verafin’s real-time alerts for fraudulent deposits and check fraud scams can enhance your fraud prevention program, with real-time detection and improved loss prevention.

Highlights of this product demonstration include:

  • Real-time Deposit Fraud Alerts: Behavior-based monitoring alerts you to unusual check, mobile, and ATM deposits by analyzing data from account activity and across all channels.
  • Scam Scenarios: Detection of potential fraud scams, and alerting you to fraudulent check deposits before losses can occur.
  • Alerts for Checks from Risky Accounts: Get alerted to check deposits from potentially risky accounts, and review related checks in a convenient image viewer — directly from your alert.
  • Check Image Tools for Deposit Operations: Deposit Operations and Fraud Investigation teams can streamline their daily processes by using Verafin’s check image viewer.

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