March 20 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Collaborative Investigations: Connecting the Dots to Stop Crime

How sharing information can help provide actionable intelligence to law enforcement

Part of a Special Series on The New Future of Fighting Crime

Fraudsters and money launderers do not limit their illicit activities to a single institution. As crime rings evolve, they find new and innovative ways to avoid detection, creating challenges for financial institutions to uncover connected criminal activity.

Collaboration is a critical tool that helps you see the complete picture of activity across multiple institutions, ultimately mitigating risk and reducing losses. Verafin combines the power of cross-institutional analysis in the cloud with collaboration tools, enabling institutions to work together to strengthen investigations into crime ring activity.

Join us to learn how Verafin helps you connects the dots on crime with cross-institutional alerts and information sharing. Learn how our approach will warn you of potential risks or connected criminal activity that spans multiple institutions, allowing you to collaborate with investigators for stronger cases and improved reporting to law enforcement.

Highlights of this presentation on Collaborative Investigations will include:

  • Best practices for 314(b) information sharing including collaborating on potential money laundering activity and Specified Unlawful Activities (SUAs).
  • Walk through of real-life examples of crime ring activity
  • Demonstration of crime ring detection to alert you and related institutions to connected criminal activity
  • Overview of collaboration functionality in Verafin allowing you to securing share information with other 314(b) institutions in a single integrated platform.
  • Overview of multi-institution Joint Work Product in Case Management that allows multiple investigators to contribute to a shared investigation.

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