August 23 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

CDD/EDD & Customer Risk

Closing the Risk Gap with Integrated CDD/EDD & Ongoing Behavior-Based Monitoring

Join us on August 23 as product experts demonstrate how Verafin’s holistic, customer-centric solution helps you gather information, assess risk, as well as monitor and review high risk customer activities. Our risk-based approach allows you to focus on the greatest risks to your institution with enhanced risk-models and transaction monitoring for high-risk customers, including NRAs, NGOs, CIBs and more.

Highlights from this product demonstration will include:

  • Configurable CDD Questionnaire to standardize the initial collection and updating of due diligence-related information, including ultimate beneficial ownership, as well as automated risk assessment.
  • Enhanced Stratified Risk Models to segment customers into high-risk categories, including NRAs, NGOs, CIBs, etc., and to stratify risk within those categories to help you focus your time and limited resources on customers that pose the greatest risk to your institution.
  • EDD Alerts & Ongoing Transaction Monitoring to notify you of newly-onboarded HRCs, as well as triggering events that warrant enhanced due diligence.
  • CDD/EDD Workflow to streamline your customer risk managment processes with convenient workflows to manage alerts on high-risk customers, upcoming reviews, and cases.

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