December 21 at 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM EST

BSA/AML Compliance, Fraud Detection & High-Risk Customer Management

A Consolidated Financial Crime Management Platform

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From plotting sophisticated fraud schemes to outsmarting BSA reporting requirements, today’s criminals pose an increasing threat to financial institutions and their customers. Nefarious criminal activities have rendered traditional approaches to financial crime management largely ineffective — institutions must take decisive action with cloud-based solutions that evolve alongside criminal activities and provide holistic, cross-channel insights to strengthen investigations and provide actionable information to law enforcement. 

Join us for a special rebroadcast as our Product Experts demonstrate Verafin’s consolidated Financial Crime Management platform — a complete solution to detect, investigate and report financial crime. Our expert presenters will explore Verafin’s targeted AML and fraud agents, end-to-end High-Risk Customer Management and more — and how our approach applies cross-institutional analysis and machine learning technology to analyze a billion transactions every week in the Verafin Cloud, using big data intelligence to reduce false positives and increases the quality and accuracy of your alerts.

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