July 22 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Beyond Due Diligence: Best Practices for High-Risk Customer Management

Special Presentation: Rebroadcast of Virtual Tour Session

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Across the industry, financial institutions are under increased regulatory pressure to meet requirements for CDD/EDD, particularly regarding the identification, segmentation, stratification, and surveillance of high-risk customer types. With the COVID-19 crisis further straining CDD/EDD processes, financial institutions must adapt with a robust approach to High-Risk Customer Management.

Join us for this special rebroadcast from our 2020 Verafin Virtual Tour as industry and product experts discuss the benefits of a segmented, stratified approach to high-risk customer management. Learn best practices for developing risk models for customers in higher-risk categories, and how technology can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your CDD/EDD processes.

Highlights from this special presentation include:

  • An Overview of COVID-19-Related CDD/EDD Challenges
  • A Review of Challenges Facing Conventional CDD/EDD Approaches
  • The Benefits of Intelligent Segmentation & Stratification
  • Leveraging Robotic Process Automation for Increased Efficiency
  • The Advantages of Configurable Risk

Please note that this rebroadcast of the Virtual Tour Session is not CAMS-accredited.

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