September 26 at 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM EST

Automating BSA/AML Processes to Strengthen Compliance

Save time. Improve efficiency. Enhance investigations.

There is enormous pressure on compliance professionals to uncover potential money laundering, and keep up with changing regulatory requirements. This becomes even more challenging as you layer on internal policies to be followed, manual processes to manage, and endless daily tasks to complete.

The right BSA/AML solution can help improve your customer knowledge, better assess your risk, and enhance your ability to detect and report potentially suspicious activity

Join us as we take a deep dive into Verafin’s BSA/AML software that includes time-saving tools and technology to increase your overall efficiency, ultimately strengthening your overall compliance program.

 Highlights of this software demonstration will include:

  • Automated regulatory reporting of SARs and CTRs, workflow dashboards, customized reporting, risk-rating and more.
  • Integrated Case Management to create a case directly from an alert, attach applicable files, link entities and related suspicious activity, and fully document your investigation.
  • End-to-End CDD/EDD and High-Risk Customer Management including Account Opening Questionnaire, stratified risk-models for high-risk customers, ongoing monitoring and automated risk-reviews.
  • Risk-rated BSA/AML alerts and scenarios including monitoring for money laundering, structuring, international activity, human trafficking and more.
  • 314(b) Information Sharing & Collaboration tools to connect you with investigators at other institutions through 314(b) information sharing, and help you get a complete picture of customer activity.

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