The World’s Only All-In-One Anti-Financial Crime Platform for Crypto Companies

See the full picture of crypto-related crime with Verafin

Verafin’s all-in-one anti-financial crime platform provides crypto companies with a full fiat-to-blockchain view of cryptocurrency activity. Our approach includes big data intelligence, visual storytelling and collaborative investigations to help crypto companies stay a step ahead of regulatory change and financial crime.

Relying on siloed solutions creates ineffective financial crime management programs, wasting valuable time and resources, and leaving your crypto company vulnerable to compliance gaps, financial losses, and reputational damage.

Verafin's All-in-One Platform



Transaction Monitoring

Information Sharing


Targeted Agents


Fraud Detection

Scam Detection

Real-Time Fraud Detection

In-Line Blocking

Friendly Fraud



Multi-Chain Visual Forensics

Wallet Risk


Behavioral Analytics


Risk Management


Risk Stratification

Enhanced Due Diligence



Case Management


Alert Triage

Reporting & Dashboards

Workforce Management

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Blockchain & Fiat in One Platform
Verafin’s all-in-one Anti-Financial Crime platform allows you to monitor and investigate both on-chain and off-chain risks, including blockchain and fiat payments. This holistic approach allows your crypto company to catch potentially suspicious activity, protecting you and your customers.
Case Management & STR/SAR Automation
At the click of a button, Verafin’s Case Management solution allows you to create and file SARs/STRs to government agencies including FinCEN (U.S.), FINTRAC (Canada), and internationally via GoAML. Our solution also helps your crypto company centralize and optimize case management across your organization.
Holistic Investigation Tools & Visual Storytelling
Simplify your understanding of complex activity through unique investigation tools, such as custodial relationships and smart-contract identification and labeling. Verafin’s solution allows you to visualize the flow of funds across fiat and blockchain transactions on one single link chart. You can also track activity across wire transfers, ACH, and digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and more.
Fight Financial Crime with Big Data
Verafin aggregates multiple sources of transactional, demographic, and cloud-based data to add the layered context required to understand customer activity and see a holistic view of true financial crime risk.

Verafin lets you focus on your growing business by providing a single solution for your anti-financial crime needs.

Combining On-Chain and Off-Chain AML Transaction Monitoring

Verafin combines deep blockchain analytics and fiat monitoring to analyze flow-of-funds of your customers. This analysis holistically considers all elements of customer behavior, breaking down the barrier between monitoring off-chain fiat currency payments and on-chain activities.

Minimize Risk with Intelligent Wallet Risk Rating

Fraud scams are challenging to detect with blockchain analytics alone due to a fundamental element of blockchain technology – the ability to create unique digital addresses. Verafin’s blockchain analytics provide risk rating for wallet addresses based upon multiple sources of information, including demographics, aggregate transactional activity, sanctioned address lists, behavior analysis, and data from the Verafin Cloud.

Comprehensive Sanctions Screening for KYC Processes, Fiat Payments and Digital Addresses

Verafin provides unique, comprehensive sanctions coverage of your customer lists, fiat payments such as wire and ACH, and digital address screening – instead of investigators piecing together a sanctions program from multiple point solution vendors. Our holistic solution allows you to go beyond check-the-box compliance and actively monitor for sanctions evasion by detecting related risky digital addresses or sanctions avoidance-based typologies.

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