Special BSA/AML Webinar Series

Intelligent Segmentation

A New Approach to Identify, Monitor & Manage High-Risk Customers

Every financial institution is under regulatory pressure to identify, monitor and manage high-risk customer types, such as Privately-Owned ATMs, MSBs, MRBs and NGOs and more, as outlined in the FFIEC BSA Exam Manual.

In this webinar series, we will explore the challenges of identifying, monitoring and reviewing high-risk customers and discuss the risk factors of each group. Learn how Verafin’s end-to-end approach to Intelligent Segmentation eliminates manual processes, reduces costs and strengthens compliance with identification, risk scoring and targeted monitoring tailored specifically for each high-risk customer category.

Interested in Fraud Prevention and Management?

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FRAML (Fraud + AML)

Verafin’s FRAML software solution provides cross-channel, risk-rated fraud and money laundering alerts that let you act quicker to protect your customers and reputation.


Anti-Money Laundering

Money launderers typically move their dirty money around in multiple ways to avoid detection; however, Verafin helps detect this activity.


CDD/EDD & High-Risk Customer Management

Verafin uses intelligent segmentation to alert you to new high-risk customers such as PEPs, NRAs, PSPs or ATM owners, and stratifies the risk within those groups. With targeted transaction monitoring for your high-risk customer groups, you gain more flexibility for due diligence reviews, and a more accurate picture of your institution’s risk profile.