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Debit card fraud

Debit card fraud is a rapidly growing problem.

As debit cards become increasingly popular with consumers, criminals are developing new and often sophisticated ways to use the cards and their information to steal from your customers. Ensuring it is detected and stopped requires a progressive and sophisticated solution.

Verafin is that solution.

Debit card transactions are analyzed for potential fraudulent activity including:

  • Unusual card usage patterns
  • Common Point of Compromise (CPC) detection
  • Excessive ATM and POS transactions
  • Risky and unusual transaction locations
  • Analysis of identity theft indicators including elder abuse, frequent and recent address changes, newly-issued cards, excessive debit card use, and the presence of FACTA red flags
  • Easy-to-follow investigation workflow
  • Risk-rated alerts help manage and prioritize your review workload
  • Alerts include evidence and statistics to optimize and focus your review and investigation
  • Case management helps you organize and document your investigation
  • Quickly create and electronically submit a prepopulated Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
  • Reports that are easy to set up, which helps you track your cases

Click here to download a Debit Card Fraud Detection feature sheet.

Click here to download a Common Point of Compromise (CPC) feature sheet.

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